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I NEED to se the new eppy of SPN and I can't find it anywhere. That is, without having to buy premium or to do stupid surveys. I'm loosing the plot... going crazy!

Plus I lost my banner on my page and now can't remember the layout I need to have to be able to use it?? If anyone can help out at all... would be appriciated! :)

Dark Knight

Anna Milton

New Anna Milton digital painting

All I Want For Christmas

New wallpaper made in PS 7.0

it's all in the eyes

New digital painting of Dean/Jensen from season 2 promos.

Breaking Dawn Promos?

Does anyone know where I can fins really good HQ promo pictures of the cast from Breaking Dawn? I have one of Alice, but none of the others. I really need them to finish making mum's calendar.


Misha digital painting!

A new digital painting.
I got back into doing portraits, now that I seem to have the hang of it

Just a question... Would any of you bid on this knowing that all money would go straight as a donation to Random Acts?

Lost His Best Friend

Made me cry almost everytime I did work to this!

Digital Paintings

I started learning how to do digital paintings on photoshop using a tablet. This is what I have done so far:

Jessica was the first one I did - I will go back and finish her once I really start to get the hang of it. At the moment I am doing one of Dean holding Castiel's overcoat.